Thursday, June 25, 2009


"Not my will, but yours be done."(Luke 22:42)

Mrs.Nathaniel Hawthorne, wife of the famous American author, wrestled in prayer on a February day in 1860. Her daughter Una was dying of a virulent form of malaria. Her doctor warned her that unless the young girl's fever abated before morning, she would die.

As Mrs. Hawthorne sat by Una's bed she recollected what her husband had told earlier that day. "I have settled with myself not to hope at all." But, the mother would not do so. She was repeating, "Una could not, must not die." As the night deepened the girl lay so sick that she looked almost dead. Her mother was repeating, "Lord, I cannot bear this loss."

Suddenly, unaccountably another thought took over. "Why should I doubt the goodness of God? Let Him take Una, if He sees best I can give her to Him. No, I won't fight against Him anymore".

A strange thing happened then. Having made the great sacrifice, Mrs. Hawthorne strangely felt lighter and happier, than anytime since Una's long illness had begun. She reached for her daughter's forehead, it was moist and cool. Una was sleeping naturally. Una was healed and indeed a miracle happened as Mrs. Hawthorne yielded to God's will!

Dear friends, Catherine Marshall writes, A demanding spirit with self-will blocks prayer. Therefore unless self will is voluntarily given up, God cannot move to answer prayer. This is prayer of relinquishment. It says, 'This is my situation at the moment. I'll face the reality of it. But I'll also accept willingly whatever my loving Father sends."

When we submit totally to His will, we will see the closed doors open and power released.


Dear Lord, when I pray help me pray within the center of Your will, not holding to my own ideas and plans. You are the one who always plan everything for my good, and so let me let go my desires and wants and pray a prayer of submission to Your will. Teach me to pray the right prayer every time.. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.


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Thanks a lot .It helped me on right time.God bless you