Tuesday, June 2, 2009


God uses many people, feelings and urgings to communicate with you, the most powerful communication tool He uses is your voice of the indwelling Christ. There is a voice within you that acts as a spiritual compass to guide and direct your every step. It is imperative that you are in touch with and learn to distinguish this voice in order to move forward in your vision.

God created you with a receiver that stays tuned to His voice. This inner voice is the Holy Spirit. You may use phrases to describe your indwelling voice of God such as, “Something tells me…”, “My gut is telling me…, “I have a hunch…” or “I have a strong feeling…”. This voice keeps you tuned into the invisible spiritual world all around you. You may have heard it referred to as intuition.

While the secular world refers to this spiritual “ear” as intuition, it moves to a new level once you have devoted your life to Christ. It is a pure voice that constantly whispers instruction, direction, wisdom and knowledge. In order to hear this holy voice within as clearly as possible, you must actively do several things on a regular basis.

1. Read and study The Word
2. Spend time in silence as often as possible. In the course of this quiet time, you will begin to recognize your inner voice (meditation).
3. Keep your energy clear and positive by taking regular inventory of yourself. When you find things that are not of God or The Holy Spirit, confess/admit them and ask for forgiveness.
4. Learn to be obedient to this indwelling Christ at all times.

You can always confirm that it is the voice of God because this voice always leads you toward that which is good for your spiritual development and away
from those things that are of flesh or of fleshly desires. This voice always leads you toward the light of God and away from the darkness of negative spiritual forces. If you hear an inner voice urging you to do things that harm your mind, body or spirit or that of others, that spiritual voice is not The Holy Spirit.

As you read through the following questions and begin to take steps toward clearly identifying God’s vision for your life, make sure you are quieting the
“noise” in your life to be able to unmistakably distinguish God’s voice, like a mother who can recognize their child’s voice over any other voice. With
practice, you will come to know God’s voice in a powerful way.


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