Thursday, August 20, 2009


Redefining Reality !

There once was a king whose subjects were dying in thousands due to hunger, but he solved that problem in a moment. He simply redefined hunger, so that in his kingdom hunger was now an abstract desire. Since there was no dearth of abstract concepts to feed abstract desires, there was no longer hunger in his kingdom he claimed. People kept on dying, but the definition reduced that to a non event!

Christians, influenced by the fads and fashions of the world, have also been playing the same redefining game but with more far-reaching consequences. As a result, commitment, worship, repentance, devotion, faithfulness and piety no longer mean what the Bible means by these things.

Redefining the fundamentals can surely give one a sense of security, but it cannot change the reality. It is reality that the Christian needs to confront in his daily life, not imaginations.

Johnson C. Philip