Wednesday, July 8, 2009


A Pharisee named Simon invited Jesus for dinner one night. While Jesus was eating with Simon, a woman,whom the people neglected came into the house. She came over to Jesus and knelt down. “What is she doing?” Simon gasped. Jesus said nothing. The woman was crying. Tears ran over her face and on to Jesus’ feet. Then she wiped His feet dry with her hair.

Still, Jesus said and did nothing. He waited for her to finish. But Simon, the Pharisee, thought to himself, “If Jesus were really a prophet, He would know what kind of awful woman she is.”

Then the woman reached into the folds of her dress. She took out a tiny bottle of a very expensive perfume. It was the sort of perfume every Jewish woman held on to all her life, saving it for a special day. She poured the rich perfume over Jesus’ feet. This meant she thought of Him as her King. The room was filled with the lovely smell.

Simon became more and more upset. Jesus knew what he was thinking. So, He started to tell him a story.

“Once there were two men. One owed a great deal of money to the moneylender. The other owed a little bit of money. When neither could pay back what they owed, the moneylender forgave them both. Now which will love him more?”

Simon said, “The one who owed him the most.”

Jesus said, “Now look at this woman. When I came into your house, you did not give Me any water so I could clean My feet. She made them wet with her tears and wiped them with her hair. You gave Me no kiss of greeting but she has kissed my feet constantly.” Because of her humble act, her sins, which are many, were forgiven (Luke 7:48). Her faith has saved her .

Dear friend, do you love Jesus? How much do you love Him?. This woman, who was neglected by the people, loved Jesus and she did not think about others. Her only aim was to serve Him and she did. In the same way, if you love Jesus, show your love to Him not thinking about others but just serve Him and He will forgive your sins.